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Saturday 22nd June 2019

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Starting and finishing in Stonehaven’s Baird Park, home of the Midsummer Beer Happening on Saturday 22nd June with three different routes to accommodate all abilities of rider whilst providing all a rewarding challenge.

The MSBH Sportive has become a huge social day out for many and you are all on strava anyway… so we have taken your lead and removed chip timing for 2019.

We have six refreshments pit stops with cakes, energy bars, water, etc., showers at the leisure centre (payment and own towel required) and even a coffee on the way. We will of course have en-route support from two broom wagons and up to seven motorcycle outriders to assist and point you in the correct direction… remember to wave and thank all on the way.

Starting in waves from 8am with a complimentary t-shirt, goodie bag, coffee and entry to beer festival, a beer… and sore legs! can’t be bad for only £25 – just please be safe; please respect other road users, road surfaces, cycling conditions and your fellow cyclists, make friends wherever you go and support our sponsors.



DISTANCE - 55 Miles | ASCENT - 4,400ft

More route information on STRAVA


DISTANCE - 62 Miles | ASCENT - 6,000ft

More route information on STRAVA


DISTANCE - 100 Miles | ASCENT - 8,000ft

More route information on STRAVA

Rider information

The focus of this event is on enjoyment - and a little self-reliance, but here is some helpful information.


Free car parking can be had close by at Stonehaven Open Air Pool.
PLEASE DO NOT PARK in the start area by the garden plots and the festival park. We will need more space than ever with over 1000 riders taking part.


if you live nearby please help us and drop in past for your registration pack before Saturday.

You can collect your registration pack on:
Thursday evening from the Beer Festival Exit 5.30pm till 8.30pm
Friday evening from the Beer Festival Exit 5.30pm till 8.30pm
Saturday morning prior to the event start from 7.15am till 7.45am


Routes will be marked by way of arrows:

UNDO (55 Miles) with YELLOW arrows and then TURQUOISE arrows from just before Auchenblae in the Drumtochty Glen.

REDO (62 Miles) with YELLOW arrows all the way.

DINAEDO (100 Miles): We will be attaching over 300 route markers to trees poles and blades of grass! This means we did not want to add another 200, thus you will need to think a little about your route, please see the aide memoir below.
Routes can be accesed on STRAVA, please see links above.
Please note: The DINAEDO route has changed slightly since issuing. You pass Strachan 4 times now to allow better utilisation of the feed stop, you DO NOT take the Feughside to AA box road at any point. We will do the shooting greens and the monument 1st (anti clockwise). 2nd time round after the Cairn O' Mount you will do the monument and then the shooting greens clockwise.

DINAEDO aide memoir:
YELLOW signs from start for 15m until the 1st feed stop,
RED for your 1st loop of shooting greens and monument back to 1st feed stop,
YELLOW signs again from the 1st feed stop over and back over the Cairn O’ Mount to the 1st feed stop,
RED signs for your 2nd loop monument and shooting greens back to the feed 1st feed stop
YELLOW signs to finish back over the Garrol and the Slug.

Due to the above you will be delighted to hear we did not need to include the steep Slug at the end nor redo the Mowtie/Glithno hill again, just straight back to Stonehaven from the quarry over the Slug (Revised Strava Routes have been added to the web site).


Please register the evening before if you can, if not arrive in plenty of time to be ready to start sharp. Please note: We have reversed waves this year and the fastest riders will be leaving in wave one first.

Waves will leave at:

1st Wave 8.00 - 8.20am(18mph)

2nd Wave 8.20 - 8.40am (16mph)

3rd Wave 8.40 - 9.00am (14mph)

4th Wave 9.00am - 9.20am (12mph)

Each wave will have up to 250 riders, we will split you into groups of approx 30 riders at two minute intervals.

If you have requested wave changes we will have adjusted this for you.

Feed stops

Water, energy bars and bananas and our famous home bakes will be provided (Feel free to bring some along).

Toilets are available at feed stops 1 (portable) and 2 (Clatterin Brig Cafe) why not have a cup of tea and some cakes?

Feed 1a). Strachan (UNDO/REDO/DINAEDO)
Feed 1b). Strachan (DINAEDO)
Feed 2a). Clatterin Brig (UNDO/REDO/DINAEDO)
Feed 2b). Clatterin Brig (REDO/DINAEDO)
Feed 3a). Strachan (UNDO/REDO/DINAEDO)
Feed 3b). Strachan (DINAEDO)

Mechanical support

Provided at the start, during the event via motorcycle support (Scotia Motorcycle group) and broom wagon following the rear. You should however come prepared for all eventualities and be self sufficient.

There are showering facilities available next to the car park at the Stonehaven leisure centre.

Now get your glass, free entry to the festival and a free beer on us, MSBH, Bike Remedy and Stonehaven Cycling Club.

Road Safety

Safety and special considerations:

  • Respect all road users
  • Keep your line – indicate changes in direction, holes and obstructions
  • All right hand turns – there are a number
  • All downhills, especially Cowton, Cairn O'Mount and the Shooting Greens in both directions where applicable.
  • Sharp left hand turn at Clatterin Brig

Feed 2a). At the bottom of the Cairn O'Mount at Clatterin Brig there will be feed stop. Riders NOT stopping should stay to the inside, allowing riders taking the chance to stop to turn right as you go left.

Feed 2b). At the bottom of the Cairn O'Mount at Clatterin Brig there will be feed stop. Riders NOT stopping should stay to the outside, allowing riders taking the chance to stop to turn left as you go straight on.

Body & Soul

Jennifer Herbert from Fulcrum Myotherapy Jennifer has kindly offered to help riders with any serious issues before or after our sportive, with over 11 years experience Jennifer is well placed to fix you.

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Thanks to our Sponsors

The Beer Happening doesn't just happen, if you'll pardon the pun.

It couldn't go on without the hard work of the volunteers who put it together, man the pumps and look after you while you are here. Our thanks to them and to the sponsors and organisations who supported us.

They all make it possible for us to say to you, "Welcome to the Happening and cheers."

Robert Lindsay Organiser

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  • The Bay
  • Beer 52
  • Bike Remedy
  • Boundary Creative
  • Harviestoun
  • Muir Motors
  • Stonehaven Cycling Club
  • WM Donald
Midsummer Beer Happening – Stonehaven 2019